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Well maybe I was just a little older than this when i started working on VW's. But not much.  ( I was guarding the tree) When I was a kid my mom would let me shift gears in her auto-stick bug. I couldn't wait til I was old enough to drive. In school I always read books about cars, I read "Small Wonder the Amazing Story of the Volkswagen" when i was a freshman in high school. I became obsessed with VW's. I took my test in that auto-stick beetle, bought my own in 1978, it was a dark blue 1970 stick shift. My dad took me to pick it up I had never driven a stick before. When we changed the title and registration, he said:  good luck with your new car son, hopped in his car and drove off , leaving me parked on a hill to learn how to drive a stick shift. By the time I got home (2 hours later) I was in love with it.  That's were it all began. I've owned a beetle since. I bought my first bus in 1983 and have owned one ever since also. I graduated Pennco Technical Institute in 1982 and have been working on VW's professionally since then. I personally perform all work done at my shop. Having experienced almost every possible break down, failure, or roadside inconvenience imaginable I have a pretty good understanding of what it takes to make these vehicles road worthy and reliable.